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Ann Taylor Loft Credit Card

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Ann Taylor Loft Credit Card

Does anyone happen to have the Ann Taylor Loft Credit Card?  Do you know which credit report they use?  Also, what kind of scores do you think you had or have to have for the card?
Thanks for your time and comments!!
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Re: Ann Taylor Loft Credit Card

I don't have the Ann Taylor card, but it's WFNNB, so be cautious. I have their J.Crew card, and it makes me nuts. If you are familiar with timing payments to help your util, completely disregard a WFNNB card for this, as it's very hard to get them to update.

So if you're willing to charge and then pay off immediately, this will be fine. But if you want to charge, let the balance report, pay it off, and then next month see a $0 balance, good luck. WFNNB is reluctant to update paid-off accounts.

And sorry, someone else will have to help you with the required scores. I'm not saying don't get it, I'm just saying don't expect it to behave like a civilized card when it comes to your credit reports.
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