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Another Amex Amazon offer for 20%

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Another Amex Amazon offer for 20%

I’ve been turned down for a lot of the amazon offers lately after using them several times 10+.

Was able to add this to both of my accounts

20% back $50 max. Lower then the previous offers. But still good

Total Revolving Limits $254,800

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Re: Another Amex Amazon offer for 20%

Wasn’t able to get it Smiley Sad, probably because I’ve used Amex points on Amazon before.
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Re: Another Amex Amazon offer for 20%

Apparently this is a good offer to buy some gift card, I tried and, uber, play, safeway etc, gift cards will trigger the promo.


However, since I have not use my amazon account for a while, when I tried to use this offer, amazon shut my entire account down for 2 hours and cancelled my order.


Amazon, do better, and don't be a **bleep**.

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Re: Another Amex Amazon offer for 20%

Wasn't able to either. Boo.

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