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Another Chase Freedom APR reduction

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Re: Another Chase Freedom APR reduction

@CreditCuriosity wrote:

@BigBS wrote:

Got the same letter today.  My APR dropped from 17.24% to 2.99% and I don't plan on the PC to FU either.

assume that 2.99 is just temporary apr??

That's correct.

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Re: Another Chase Freedom APR reduction

@CreditCuriosity wrote:

Well title says it.. Had the highest on my freedom as was first card with chase at i think 25% approx APR.. Just got a snail mail they lowered it to 17.24% which is the lowest.  Wonder if they are doing this for all Freedom holders and trying to get them to switch to the FU as well, which I won't take them up on that part.  Had Freedom approx 5 years now i think.. I will take it although I dont carry a balance on that card for many obvious reasons.    I suspect we will be seeing a lot more of these in snail mail soon.





Hoping they will spread the APR reduction love to current Freedom U cardholders.

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