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Another card after QuickSilver?

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Another card after QuickSilver?

So I've been sitting on a QuickSilver card(only one I have) with CapitalOne for awhile now, account itself is 12+ years old. The 1.5% cashback has been decent, and haven't been able to upgrade to their savor card though.


I'm not sure whether it's worth getting a new card, 1.5% seems the standard as far as cashback, and I'm attentive to not keeping a balance, so apr, balance transfer, and whatnot have been irrelevant to me.


Is it time for me to move on to cards with a point system instead of cashback?

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Re: Another card after QuickSilver?

Hi and welcome 

1.5% cashback is really not the standard any longer. If that's your only card, depending on your spending, you could certainly benefit from a different CC accounts, but we'd need to know more about your spending habits, scores and any/if negatives are present on your CR 

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Re: Another card after QuickSilver?

No way to tell if a system is better for you without you telling us your spend pattern. You might want to add 2 more credit cards to round out your Fico portfolio but if one card works for youSmiley Wink. The thing is is often if you app for things later, many lenders want to see more experience with more than just one card imo
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