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Another card bites the Dust

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Re: Another card bites the Dust

lithium78 wrote:

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Mike360 wrote:
I don't get the hate on fees all the time. You knew of the fees when you opened the account. The best buy card is a great card if you get the store card with no fees and good limits. Sorry to hear you got the crappy version.


Fees are fine when you have scores in the 500s and you have to take what you can get.  When your scores improve and you have options, there's really very little reason to ever pay an AF unless it's an AMEX.  I prefer my credit cards to pay me for their business instead of the other way around.

Why does AmEx get a pass?

Because their rewards are very generous and more than pay for the AF if you use the card a lot.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I still carry one card with an AF which I more than get back in a couple of months of rewards points. It's not an AmEx, its a "rewards" Bankcard. I believe just about any "rewards card" can recover the AF with moderate usage. The AF insures the issuer that you'll use the card or at least pay to keep it, but to pay a fee to have a card just to "sock drawer" it is foolish for several reasons. Any card will pay its AF "if you use it a lot", but the OP stated he was not using it much and then complained about the AF.

I don't believe AmEx should get a pass on their AF's some of which are fairly high, just because they are "American Express" IF in fact you are going to blast the rebuilder and basic cards for charging an annual fee. IMO, annual fees for losses and "hand holding" are more justified for the sub-prime and average credit products.

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