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Another card or garden club?

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Another card or garden club?

Hi all. Recently got approved for the beloved Uber Visa and after that I'm now up to three cards:

  1. BofA Cash Rewards
  2. Discover it Student Cash Back
  3. Uber Visa

My scores are all around 770 and I have no bad marks. One inquiry on TU.

I think this is a pretty great "trifecta" of cards as I get 3% back on online shopping with the BofA, the 5% rotating categories with Discover, and 4% back on dining year round with the Uber as well as 3% back on travel. I'm thinking that it's time to join the garden club for awhile and nurse my scores back up before doing anything else but wanted to see if there's any other cards that people would recommend to complement these. I don't buy gas so that's not really an incentive for me. Thanks!

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Re: Another card or garden club?

Groceries? Gas? Travel?

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Re: Another card or garden club?

Forgot to include, groceries is 2% with the BofA card and travel is 3% with the Uber visa.

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Re: Another card or garden club?

If I were you, I’d add an AMEX into the mix and then sit back and ride it out for a while.

I have the BCP and enjoy the tiered cash back categories.
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Re: Another card or garden club?

Thanks for the recommendation! I looked at the amex BCP and I see there’s a $95 AF. Not sure if I can justify having an AF card just yet. What are the cashback categories you like on the BCP? The 6% back on grocery is the most appealing one to me.

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Re: Another card or garden club?

The groceries @ 6% is easily justified for my family.


The breakeven is a touch under $150/month in supermarket spending to justify the $95AF. Anything over $150/month is free money.


If you can’t justify the $95AF look at the BCE card. Just about the same categories with no AF, just lower cash back percentages.

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Re: Another card or garden club?

@creditslug  I would head to the garden. You got two cards in the last two months, it's time to cool it down a bit. 


For young profiles like yours, there is such a thing as too much too fast, and you should not worry about having a different card for every possible category.


Let whatever you have age a bit, and reevaluate in six months. 

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Re: Another card or garden club?

If you don’t want the BCP, you could always get the BCE and upgrade if ever necessary. Amex would be a good addition, but with the cards you already have, don’t feel like you need a fourth.
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Re: Another card or garden club?

I would recomend a amex Cash back or everyday rewards card then let the garden grow for a year.

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Re: Another card or garden club?

It looks like you have much of your normal spend covered. I'd say just let it ride for a while.


I think we all have times where we want just one more card to "round things out", but we don't know exactly what would be the one. I've had many times where I searched and searched to see what was available, and realized that I was trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole. On the other hand, most of my more useful cards were obtained while just doing what I normally do.


I guess it comes down to this for me: If you have a need, and see a card that fits it, great! Get that. If you have a card in mind, or are suggested one, and have to look for the need that it will fill...maybe wait a while on that one.


My problem is that it is much easier to talk myself into getting a card than out of it. lol

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