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Any AA with new laws?

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Any AA with new laws?

I think HSBC and Best Buy rate jacked me but I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure both had high APRs in the first place but both store cards run Zero % Interest programs and that's all I've ever used them for. MY HSBC is my largest line of credit at $4500 which is a Ritz Camera card. I owe nothing on either.

Hooters didn't change APR on me and I've had 3 $300 CLI sense all this mess started. Juniper holds steady at %7.99. I've been incredibly lucky in all this concidering a BC almost 7 years ago.

How are you guys doing?

1-14-08....... TU=683, EQ=667, EX=666
7-04-08....... TU=688, EQ=678, EX=682.......
.......4 of my 5 cards and a new car later.
2/13/09 and forever EX 693
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Re: Any AA with new laws?

BofA changed my Amex from 9.99%F to 9.99%V. I think that's it. Everything else is stable.
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