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Any Cool NEW CARDS coming out?!

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Re: Any Cool NEW CARDS coming out?!

@Anonymous wrote:

Kind of new is that the BoA 3-2-1 Secured card is now available for direct applications instead of as a possible counter-offer to the regular version: 


Not too spicy, but it's a good choice for rebuilders/starters, I guess

Not as great of a deal since it requires a $500 deposit for a $500 limit instead of $99 though. 

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Re: Any Cool NEW CARDS coming out?!

@Anonymous wrote:

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@UpperNwGuy wrote:

.  Nobody here has a secret "new cool card," because if they did, it would quickly be all over the internet, and you wouldn't have to ask.

Well, it depends on just how cool things have to be.   Both USAlliance and AOD 3% everywhere (which IMO are still fairly cool!) were detailed here early, and didn't really make it to the major blogs.


But I would agree that people here probably aren't sitting on good things waiting for someone to ask!

AOD did get noticed on DOC, MF was the reason of course, but AOD was geofenced by then.

AOD isn't geofenced even now. Those people on DoC were either trying to mislead people or they just didn't read the thread closely enough to find the loophole. 

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Re: Any Cool NEW CARDS coming out?!

Not sure if crypto is your cup of coffee, but crypto lending company BlockFi is expected to launch a card by the end of the year:


The company has just raised another $50M and is very well financed: they are partnering with a bank (not clear who yet) to launch a card that earn cashback in Bitcoin form.
I'm not a huge Bitcoin fan, but I'm curious to see what the credit card deal is: BlockFi already pays 8.6% APR to those who store USD-pegged stablecoins with them -- I wonder whether they will offer as competitive a credit card product.

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Re: Any Cool NEW CARDS coming out?!

@sammydavidjr     Ooooo that's interesting indeed ^^

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Re: Any Cool NEW CARDS coming out?!

@Girlzilla88 wrote:

@sammydavidjr     Ooooo that's interesting indeed ^^

I'm just noticing that nobody has mentioned the credit card that Venmo is supposedly going to release in partnership with Synchrony before the end of the year. I read somewhere that they are running a bit late after Synchrony employees were forced to work remotely for many months, but that it is still expected in 2020.

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