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Any downside to a BT?

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Re: Any downside to a BT?

I've been using my balance transfer offer from the Discover IT card to pay off my Amex Gold card balance, since it is a charge card that must be PIF. This will negatively impact my score since charge cards dont report utilization; I will be essentially introducing debt that was not going to be reported to the credit bureaus. My Discover IT card will jump to 50% utilization.


I'm fine with this because it makes sense for me financially, FICO score be damned for the time being. I'm still waiting for the report to post to see how badly it will ding my score. Aggregate UTI is 12% so I don't expect a large drop.

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Re: Any downside to a BT?

BTs has been pretty well covered. I will add that Chase and Discover have/are treating me very well and it helped me with some home improvements. Discover gave me two BTs at 2% Fee and Chase at 3%. Worked well. As to the bureaus ... my scores went up. Now as has been said by other posters in this thread, results can be based on one's credit profile. Also, I kept utilization to 2.6%.

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