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Any experience with Barclays Bank credit?

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Re: Any experience with Barclays Bank credit?

@iced wrote:

@FireMedic1 wrote:

Dont like to see any poster go without answer. Years ago on here Barclays was doing ok with posters. Then they're idiotic antics started to kick in and you dont see much at all about them on here any longer. That should answer your question. Smiley Happy

They're one of the more conservative and skittish banks when it comes to pulling back credit extended, but that's hardly idiotic.


People tend to think they're more deserving of and responsible with credit than they are (go Dunning-Kruger yet again). The high utilization and/or credit chasing that people who get AA'd by Barclays do is the more idiotic antic than any AA Barclays may have taken. There's no reason for someone who doesn't suffer from these problems to be afraid of Barclays.


A discussion on the merits of their products in the first place is another matter, but that's a topic for a different thread.

@iced I'm sorry the word "idiotic" offended you and is still the topic of your discussion to carry on after it displeased you. Maybe I should have said undue ways they treat people from here on the forums that I've seen over the years. From denials, approvals, CLI's, and AA's. You cant please everybody on here or in real life. You can go back many pages to find a yeah Barclays approved me. They faded away than it used to be in 2015-16. I like many others are entitled to our opinions in a #FSR responce.  Happy Holidays.

Homeowner since Sept 2020. My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag. Just sharing my experiences after BK from learning here from rebuild to recovery from the @ 540's.
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Re: Any experience with Barclays Bank credit?

You cannot use members of this forum as a representation of general population.
If barclay was that bad, they would have very little or no customers.

In regards to the members of this forum (at least the ones who frequently hang out) we all know Barclay's likes and dislikes are, yet we think if we apply and get approved, those wont be applicable to us.
Each lender has their own "neurosis" over certain behaviors. They are no different, really.
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Re: Any experience with Barclays Bank credit?

@flexin222 wrote:

I ask because I had a Barclays credit card. Barclays sold my account off to Mercury credit card, which is ran by First Bank and Trust, South Dakota. In my opinion, Mercury credit cards suck! I truly believe they lure customers into a false sense of security by giving higher CL's. It's all a ploy to make money off of their customers not used to the limits and going into serious debt.

So, back to Barclays which I think write off certain customers that don't meet their ungodly criteria. I can remember having issues also with Barclays not receiving my payments and trying to late fee me to death. They also had funny technical issues with my payment dates, and my dates not showing. I actually called them out on that! I now research the banks affiliated with credit cards and their practices. Due diligence ladies and gents...

Their website is ancient and they hardly offer any worthwhile card.  They rank closer to the bottom among bigger banks. 

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Re: Any experience with Barclays Bank credit?

Barclays was all about that Sallie.


For whatever reason Barclay's never sold my Sallie account, plain Barclaycard Rewards now, but it still swipes.  I never had a problem with them, and with 18 open credit cards I'm probably fairly myFICO profile-like just sayin' Smiley Happy


Regarding getting SP'd, that's just the credit market as it exists today.  Some lenders might SP more than others but it's their money, why worry about it?

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