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Any good PNC cards that I can PC to?

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Any good PNC cards that I can PC to?

I have the PNC Cash Rewards card that I just got in October 2017.  It was the second "real" card that I apped for after Discover It because I already had a bank account with them and figured it'd be easier to get.  I picked this one because I thought that it had pretty good cash back rewards, but now 4 months later, it's my lowest limit card with the least cash rewards that benefit me.


It has 4% on gas, but now I have the NRA Visa which gets 5%.

It has 3% on restaurants, but now I have the Cash+ for 5% on fast food so only sit down restaurants will do better with this card.  I picked the 2% category on Cash+ for restaurants anyway, so now the PNC card only gives me 1% better in that category.  

It has 2% on groceries, but I have a BCP which gets 6%.


Looking at their product line up, the points card looks like it's pretty bad.  It gets 4 points per $1 spend which sounded great until I looked at redemption and a $100 Amazon gift card was like 44,000 points!  So it's essentially a 1% card.  They have a travel card with an $85 annual fee, but I don't travel much at all and don't want to pay the fee.  Is that it?  I thought they had more cards in the line up, but I can't find any.


I guess I may just have to use it for the occasional dine in restaurants, but it'll take awhile to hit the minimum $25 cash out since I just redeemed my cash balance a couple weeks ago!  I was hoping that they had a more useful card that I could change to.  I almost think I should just use the Cash+ at all food places and take the 1% less when it applies since at least I'd be able to redeem it more often.  Smiley Happy


Does anyone like the PNC points card?  I didn't look at the points website for long, but the points didn't seem to have much value.

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