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Any information on Barney's Card?

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Any information on Barney's Card?

I want to apply for Barney's Store Card. Partially because I think it might ultimately help my score and partially because there are some nice clothes me wants.


Does anyone know who 'underwrites' them and/or who pulls them and/or credit lines they generally extend?  You can't really get anything there for less then $200 as it is and they are pretty upscale so I'd imagine the lines would be pretty good...

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11/02/08 696 / 695/ 737- 5/4/08: 667 / 703 / 668 - 11/07 Low 500s All (Fako)
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Re: Any information on Barney's Card?

well i just applied with me and my husband joint account...after i hit submit it simply said application information transmitted im not sure if they offer instant or if that is a decline...
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