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Anybody PC from Chase Freedom to Sapphire Preferred?

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Re: Anybody PC from Chase Freedom to Sapphire Preferred?

CS800 wrote:

cashnocredit wrote:

CS800 wrote:

drkaje wrote:

It doesn't seem like Chase still offers the Freedom Signature Visa.

I looked also and couldnt find it mentioned. Are signature visa by invitation only?

I just got a Chase Freedom Siggy last month! When I opened a checking account they offered it along with the other Sapphire cards. The freedom looked like the best deal.

So the siggy is by offer only?

I don't know. I don't think they mentioned that it was a siggy, just that it was a Chase Freedom Visa. It also came with 12 months of 0% APR on purchases then 12.9%. I don't think it is good market segmentation since I'm retired and it generally is not a smart idea for retired folk to carry a balance.


I especially like the Amazon 5% this quarter.




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Re: Anybody PC from Chase Freedom to Sapphire Preferred?

I believe the Signature version of the Freedom is by invitation, or account upgrade.  My Freedom had a 7.5k credit line when issued, still is a regular Freedom

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