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Anybody have a Cap 1 Visa signature?

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Re: Anybody have a Cap 1 Visa signature?

The wheels spin slow - I got a form letter yesterday congratulating me on my PC to the no hassle cash rewards card, but it didn't mention if it was a visa sig or not.  The visa logo was notably absent from the card graphic.  They did say new cards were on the way.

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Re: Anybody have a Cap 1 Visa signature?

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
My ex has the Cap One Cash Visa Siggy (the green one) lol

This is interesting because the EO office told me they are not honoring upgrades to Viggy Visa for the green cash version. Maybe because the card is no longer issued ? Anyway, they appear to be offering 1.5% for green card holders plus a 50% annual cash back bonus. Are there other card holders getting the same thing?

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Re: Anybody have a Cap 1 Visa signature?

I think that is 1.0% plus a 50% yearly bonus! 


I have the Siggy Card and I like the fact that it does state on the credit report that it is a "Flexible Spending Account.'


I think there is a conceirge service with it, or that might be my PNC Siggy or the Amex, I can't keep them all straight.  I have never used any of the extra benefits personally so I can't claim to how nice they are.  I did read the Visa site about the hotel upgrades and that does seem a bit nice.  However, I would probably only use that for my honeymoon!  My Amex doesn't report as a FSA, not the real Amex anyway, the FNBO with a lower limit does though!


What you get in regards to being upgraded by Capone to that account is much better customer service, night and day in my opinion.  I have two other Capone cards, their lower tier cards and I get the regular CSRs when I talk to a person about those accounts.  It is much nicer service, which they actually even told me it would be.  Trust me, if only for the customer service, press for it to be PC'd to the Siggy Card, even if you have to go through the EO to do so!

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