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Anybody having citi recon number?

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Re: Anybody having citi recon number?

@lsdiamond Remove the contact info on this please, I don't think it's supposed to be posted in the forum. If sommeone wants it you can PM it to them.

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Re: Anybody having citi recon number?



If the applicant was not given legitimate reasons for his credit denials, and the law requires that creditors provide these reason(s) to the applicant--and the applicant seeks their legal rights (as per the law) by contacting the credit card company to obtain this info....then the applicant is not a "bad apple" for seeking out the information that, yes, he is legally ENTITLED to have and to know! 


IMO, the "bad apples" are rather more likely to be those who come on here and piously opine about the characters of others, rather than offer useful, helpful, information or suggestions. If this was your way of telling this young person to lay off or perhaps try a different approach, then why didn't you just offer him that advice, rather than malign him (call him a "bad apple") for doing what you feel that he shouldn't be doing?

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