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Anyone CSP w/less than a year history ?

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Re: Anyone CSP w/less than a year history ?

Mustangfrank wrote:

Dustink wrote:

Mustangfrank wrote:

Thanks everyone,


Ten (10) months agoI had zero credit and thanks to this community in a very short time I have built up my credit scores 

and managed to get approval for the three Amex cards.


I need to get some other cards as I do not want to just rely on Amex.

I thought Chase would be a good fit.


What other Cash back cards should I consider ?


I PIF and plan to run about 3K through my cards a month.



I think I mentioned to you in the past to get the Cash+ card.


You can just keep asking us. You need to actually do some apping. The suspense is killing me. I want to hear


Well I have 4 HP's and I feel I have maybe  2  left  before I have to retreat.

I don't want make a mistake and waste the Apps without getting feed back from all the knowledgable people on this board.


I am very thankful for everyones help.



If you don't mind waiting, in two more months your chances will be even better. That isn't to say that you won't be approved now, but in two months it will be even more likely.


If you want to come up with a few cards to app for. Make a list and order them by priority. I was just giving you a hard time about not apping. Waiting is always best, but your in good shape to app now if you wanted.


If your willing to wait, you could get your amex cli first. Then make sure your utilization is between 5-9%  on one card and no balance on any other account.


Then once all that reports, come new year you will be ready to app for all the cards on your list in order of priority. But with that backdating, you would be fine apping for a couple now if you so choose.


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Re: Anyone CSP w/less than a year history ?

So is the answer to the original question "No"?

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Re: Anyone CSP w/less than a year history ?

HiLine wrote:

So is the answer to the original question "No"?

I was approved for the CSP with just ten months of credit history but I did have the Amex back dating

back to 1983

Amex Zync NPSL 9/12, Amex CostcoTrue Earnings $10K 9/12
Amex BCE $3K 9/12 (Amex Back Dated to 1983)
Chase Sapphire Preferred $17K 11/12, Chase Freedom $7K 11/12
Discover More $750 11/12
CapitalOne Platinum Secured Card 2K 2/12 (Closed 12/12)
FICO: EQ = 804 EX = 802(Amex) TU = 801(Discover)
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Re: Anyone CSP w/less than a year history ?

Congratulations on the CSP approval! It's a great card.

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