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Anyone familiar with Baxter CU and their travel rewards?

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Re: Anyone familiar with Baxter CU and their travel rewards?

@spiritcraft1 wrote:

We have had BCU accounts for 12 years.  Before our financial downfall in 2014 we had a couple auto loans from them, paid off.  They were always good.  The only card that survived our meltdown was a business Visa that is no a "Travel Rewards" card for some reason.  We have used the points for flights and in checking rates, it was basically the same price as any travel site and one point per dollar.  They are very easy to deal with.  Two of our kids have accounts and cards with them as well, easy no doc approvals.

I should add that I also have never been asked for POI or any docs from BCU. Though, that may be due to having had my direct deposit consistently.

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