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Anyone have experience with Citi balance transfers?

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Anyone have experience with Citi balance transfers?

Just curious if anyone here has experience with how Citi handles balance transfers and non promo purchases? I did a balance transfer promo earlier last year. I was planning on not making any purchases with my Citi card til I paid down the balance transfer offer but there's going to be an event in Atlanta next week which requires a Citi card in order to purchase which puts me in a quandry. If I use the citi card to make the purchase, can I just immediately go in and pay it off and not have to deal with any interest? Or will the purchase forfeit my balance transfer promo apr?

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Re: Anyone have experience with Citi balance transfers?

Don't do it.

Even if you pay immediately, your payment will goto bt and you will carry purchase balance until you pay both bt and purchase off completely.

You can try talk to Citi cs and see if there is anything you can do, but be warned their csr can be very ignorance and may give you false info.
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Re: Anyone have experience with Citi balance transfers?

Do you know anyone else going to the event that can get you a ticket with their citi and you pay them in cash?


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Re: Anyone have experience with Citi balance transfers?

With Citi, you should be able to put a charge on the card, then pay it a few days later to shut down the interest charges.


Make sure the charge has posted, is not just pending.

Pay the minimum payment amount from the last statement, which will be applied to the BT low interest balance.

Then pay the amount you charged plus a few dollars more, and that will be applied to those recent charges because they are higher interest. 


Watch your next statement, and if an interest amount shows up, pay the minimum payment plus that interest plus a bit more, and that should close off the interest charges.  

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