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Anyone here has a WF Advisor Credit card?

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Anyone here has a WF Advisor Credit card?

Anyone here has a WF Advisor Credit card?

The reason I am asking is if their rewards structure is different than their normal rewards/cashback credit cards.

Like better benefits, better rewards redepmtion program and so on...

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Re: Anyone here has a WF Advisor Credit card?

The benefits are a little better, but on par with their visa signature card that's recently introduced.

Rewards are a little better, depending on which card you are talking about.

Customer service is slightly better as well, though still about average at best. If you have a thing against offshore CSRs, Wells Fargo call centers seem to be mostly based in the USA, regardless of the type of card you have. However, a lot of their employees can be quite clueless so it's not really anything good either.

Everything else is pretty much the same.
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