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Anyone notice their creditors modifying terms?

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Anyone notice their creditors modifying terms?

This is something that I'm not necessarily complaining about, but find interesting as it has happened now on three of my cards, from three different lenders. 


1.) My Bank Americard Privileges with Travel Rewards had not intro offer. I was well prepared to pay the $75 AF at the start. About a week later, I logged in to my account and saw a credit of $75 posted as an AF adjustment. 


2.) My Chase Freedom card was approved at I believe 22.99%. When I applied, there were not special offers, other than the spend $500, get $100 back. I have been conservative in using my CC's as I am trying to pay them down. I have spent probably $300 or so, unfortunately. When I received my welcome information, I saw I had a 22.99% on purchases and BT's. There was no info on a special intro rate. So I logged in a few days ago to see I had the extra $100 in my UR account as well as a 0% intro rate. Now I see that any new approvals are receiving 0%. 


3.) My Amex Hilton Hhonors Surpass only had the 40,000 bonus points after your first purchase as a sign up offer. Same story here. There was no mention of a special intro APR, yet mine is currently 0% and my AF was waived as well. 



I'm not complaining about this, if anything they're saving me some cash. But still, I found it interesting that this occurred. Could it be possible they waived it as I am an existing customer?

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