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Anyone's credit limits getting lowered??

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Anyone's credit limits getting lowered??

Just curious if anyone here has experienced their credit limits being lowered in the wake of the crisis?  If so, which cards?
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Re: Anyone's credit limits getting lowered??

It's all over the forum, lots of people having their CLs lowered with AMEX, Chase and a bunch of other CCCs.
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Re: Anyone's credit limits getting lowered??

Good morning everyone!


After being away from the board for year due to personal issues, I am back.  With the world of credit in a downward spiral, I needed to a reality check to see what is going on with everyone's credit issues and WOW!  I have been hearing about all this stuff happening but reading it first hand is a different story and scary.


From what I read this morning, I am expecting my CLD from AMEX any day now and regrouping to get my debt paid off in a year or less.  I will not ask for any CLI in hopes of staying under the radar and paying AMEX first instead of the highest interest rate.


Times are tough but remember there is something we can all learn from this credit crunch and will be be wiser and happier.


I hope everyone has a good day and hang in there, we will survive!!!



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