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Anyone with USBank Secured Card

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Anyone with USBank Secured Card to share their experience? I don't read about this particular card much on these boards.


I am debating between this one and Citi's. US Bank can potentially graduate as soon as 12 mos; Citi is after 18 mos. 

I'd much rather graduate at 12 months, but Citi is known for frequent CLIs.

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Re: Anyone with USBank Secured Card

I think you should look ahead to which card you want to graduate to.  And which bank do you want to do business with.  The 12 to 18 months will vary with your use and credit situation.    Also, are you planning to have checking/savings with either of them?


US Bank has some of the best cobranded cards, IMO.  It was the first secured credit card I applied for. CITI has good cards too, and I woud not worry about them being there. If you have zero credit cards, you may want to consider getting both.


You did not mention why you wanted secured card, bad history or no history.  That makes a difference in whether you qualify.   

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Re: Anyone with USBank Secured Card

hey wolf, thanks for the reply. I am rebuilding. I have three paid charge-offs from 2005 (capital one and verizon). i hear citi can be difficult to get but i dont know anything about usbank. i already applied for the citi secured card last night and I'm wondering if that was a mistake--i dont want a wasted inquiry AND i'm not sure if i want to wait 18 months. i will likely be eligible for an unsecured prime card by then.


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Re: Anyone with USBank Secured Card

Hard to say, I would think you have a good chance with either bank, since it has been 5 years. 


Do you have any credit cards at this point, or any other active good accounts.  

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Re: Anyone with USBank Secured Card

USbank will only graduate if you get your credit score over 680
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