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App Spree Aprovals!! :D


App Spree Aprovals!! :D

Wanted to do an update on my app spree, this site really helped me with alot of great information to help me apply not just for my CC but also my first Auto Loan

Hopefully this will be useful to anyone else looking.


Here's a link to my original thread of my pre-application prep


I applied today for the following with below with 2% Utilzation of my (2) previous cards

*Info in my original thread above


Approved for

1) UFCU (local credit union) $10,000 @ 6.9%

2) Chase Freedom $3,000 @ 22.9%

3) Amex BCE $2,000 @ 12.9%

4) Walmart Discover $900 @ 22.9%


Thanks everyone for all your help!

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Re: App Spree Aprovals!! :D

Congratulations! I read you original thread and thought the input was good. The advice on here has helped me so much too.

Who did Chase pull?

I think you're really going to like your cards. I think but the next card I app for will be a credit union card. Great CL on that. Yay!
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Re: App Spree Aprovals!! :D

Those are some wildly diverse APRs there.

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Re: App Spree Aprovals!! :D

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