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App Spree Results!

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Re: App Spree Results!

Repo-ed wrote:

LS2982 wrote:

civilitermortuse wrote:

zerobacan wrote:



and history?

Fico - EQ - 620

Fako Exp - 640

Fako TU - 670


Only open accounts 3 Cap 1 - Total 8k CL


Thats it, nothing else! 0 Inquiries at the time.


Utilization was very high.

CONGRATS on your approvals but why would you app for so many cards with very high util???


To go deeper into debt

If you would have read the post, notice that it said my accounts didn't update until after they hit my reports.  I didn't feel like waiting thats all.  Going into debt is the last worry on my mind I assure you.

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Re: App Spree Results!

racer-x wrote:

.....and, it seems that if he has planned on getting his utilization down to 1% in the next month, why app now?  Why not wait to app and maybe there would not have been any declines and most likely could have gotten higher CL's?

As I stated, was not interested in waiting another month before getting more prime cards, I have no negatives so I went for it. 

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Re: App Spree Results!

Epcot wrote:
Congrats on the nice spree.

Thanks, for the congrats,


For a minute there I thought people were assuming that I  did my app spree while using their credit...   I put this information up not to be judged on timing but to help others who might have scores in my range to know they can app and get approved.


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Re: App Spree Results!

No worries man.  I just thought the rule of thumb was to do an app spree when your chances of approvals and big CL's are at their highest.  Having a low utilization is a HUGE factor in achieving that.


My point was, it just seems that you would have been better served to wait 30 days.  In essence, you may have set yourself back a year to get CL's and approvals that you may have gotten had you waited a mere 30 days.


I too, am just trying to put good info out there for those on the fence of an app spree.


BTW, congrats on what you got.

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Re: App Spree Results!

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Re: App Spree Results!

Perhaps if you reports update soon, you could send a copy to Amex and have them "recon" you for the revolver!!:-)
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Re: App Spree Results!

Congrats on the approvals! Pretty sure you would of been approved for the declines if your util was lower.


Nonetheless congrats! 

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