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ImprovingYouth wrote:

tinuviel wrote:

ImprovingYouth wrote:

Ok so update on the Discover IT card, I was approved for a $1200 limit, and it is the regular discover IT not the student version. I was approved for 18 month 0% balance transfers, and 0% 6 month regular financing.

That's very good... congrats!

Thanks everyone! Time to garden for a whileeeeeeeee.

Congrats and I shall meet you in the garden! 

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Congrats!   With NASA, how inquiry/new account sensitive...


ImprovingYouth wrote:

Ok so heres the deal, went to go buy myself a new MacBook Pro with Retina at BestBuy on saturday, and when I got there the gentleman asked if I wanted to apply for the 0% financing. I was not planning on applying but I was paying about 2500 for the computer so I figured why not.


I was approved for $1000, 0% store card for first 18 months.


After apping for that I figured why not throw a couple more out there, apped for Capital One, approved for $300 limit (this sucks!). Apped for Discover IT, was approved but I do not know the limit as of yet, (will update!). Lastly I apped for Wal-Mart CC so I can utilize the free tansunion report once a month, they gave me the good old 7-10 business day response, I think the message said something about verification, so I will update on this as well.


Scores for Tansunion and Equifax were floating around 630-640 (only reason they are so low is mix up about student loan repayment caused 90 lates on 2 separate accounts, OUCH!) last I checked, not sure about experian. AAoA is around 1 year 6 months. Income is around 30k. Currently have 2 credit cards, one with Credit One (at time of application thought it was Capital One lol how wrong I was) limit of 400, and NASA FCU Visa Platinum Secured Card for $500.


I will be calling for credit limit increases on the 3 cards approved so far. Didnt plan on apping for anything else, but any suggestions are welcome! Additonally I work at NASAFCU so any questions about lending/CCs or anything for them I can generally answer.



With NASA, how inquiry/new account sensitive would you say they are, particularly with the Visa Classic CC? I was just approved for membership and applied for credit this morning. 



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