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App spree CC & Auto Loan

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App spree CC & Auto Loan

Lender pull scores for auto loan EQ 619, TU 637 and EX 627.


At that point in time I was AU on my husbands Cap 1 Secured $200 limit and AU  on my grandma's Chase Slate $26k limit.


I got a car loan on 01/18/13, financed by Toyota Motor Credit $17k @ 15.99% for 48 months.


A week later I decided to apply for a few CC to expand my portfolio. I don't plan on any other larger purchases in the next 2 years. My husband and I own our home outright and have been cash since we turned 18 for everything except auto loans. (We purchased our home with an inheritance) we haven't had a who lot of need for credit.


Anyhow, I first applied for a Discover IT and was Denied. Smiley Sad Total bummer.

Then I applied for the following and was approved:

Wal Mart $250

Amazon $400

Credit One $400

Victoria's Secret $350


What I didn't realize until I checked out my reports is, the car dealership did 13 hard pulls on one report and several other hard pulls on my other two. I now have close to 20 hard pulls on my reports between the auto loan and the few CC's I applied for. I also applied for Barclay's and was denied for too many inquires. 


Next step is to garden till March 2013 at which time I'd like to refinance my truck with a credit union and possibly open a CC with them. I'd also like a couple prime cards, Chase Freedom and/or Discover IT. 

Starting Score: 600
Current Score: 663
Goal Score: 720

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Re: App spree CC & Auto Loan

I think you should of stayed away from credit one and just stayed with the others because they are no annual fee and will do the sae job as credit one but without an annual fee. Other than that to the garden it is!

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