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Apple Barclays.

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Apple Barclays.

Any info on this card? what report do they pull... I just love their website and cards look neat.. specially the APPLE ... also I plan to purchase a MAC book

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Re: Apple Barclays.

If you do a quick search with "Barlcays" you should see alot of results with Apple Barclays threads. They do pull TU for a credit decision, but when they review your CR later down the road, they can do softs on any of the 3 CRs.

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Re: Apple Barclays.

My Fico TU is above 650... but not reporting all cards and hence the Utlization is high.. I have 3 amex being reported there but not my new Chase and others..


from an inq prespective doesnt show a whole lot but you never know these guys see all the hidden stuff we dont.. so I'm thinking hard about it...


I know once you apply with Barclays then you gotta stop for a while otherwise they cancel your card ,....


so in 2 minds..

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