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Apple Card shows "Restricted"

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Re: Apple Card shows "Restricted"

Their process is ridiculous....
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Re: Apple Card shows "Restricted"

Welcome to the rotten Apple. If you want to do anything you will have to go the long way around. Want to go next door? Must go via New York City, Cairo, Johannesburg, Beijing, Sydney, and San Francisco. Preferable not in that order.

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Re: Apple Card shows "Restricted"

In my case they flagged the transaction as fraud and deactivated my card. They had to clear it up.
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Re: Apple Card shows "Restricted"

I used the chat feature in the wallet for the card...this is the dialog below.  They can't transfer, they don't have another number I can call, etc. I have play caller crap shoot and answer their call...or it's restricted.  ANNOYING


apple card.jpeg

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Re: Apple Card shows "Restricted"

I feel that is the same for me...the minute I began using it a few times...then bam, public decline....

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Re: Apple Card shows "Restricted"

That’s very strange and I’m sorry to hear that happened... :-(. You would think Apple would take better care of their customers!

I will say that the person who resolved my issue was pretty fast and just cleared it up over the chat.
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Re: Apple Card shows "Restricted"

I have the same problem I used the digital card from Saturday to Monday and then it started to get declined so I called apple, their first two responses was there was some system glitch and they were resolving it. Then I called a day later to find out my card has been restricted and my account is under review. They have already sent me the titanium card but I can’t use it now. I believe this has something to do with verifying who I am. I’m currently waiting on a specialist to call me with an answer on my account . I will respond here if I find out any other information l.
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Re: Apple Card shows "Restricted"

When I called last I talked to a higher up and basically I had to answer some questions about my identity and see said my account was under review and they would call me with an answer.
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Re: Apple Card shows "Restricted"

Any of you guys asked to upload DL/ID during app? Trying to find a common DP with folks having this issue.
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Re: Apple Card shows "Restricted"

Was there any unusual usage? Like large charges out of nowhere?

So far I haven’t had an issue with my card. I have used it for a couple hundred on App Store and Raise and I used the virtual card the other day to do my $1 charge to Experian because I was too lazy to grab my wallet to update my NFCU card number and my virtual card was automatically suggested on the keyboard.

I paid my charges last month when they weren’t due til the 30th this month so that may have something to do with me not experiencing any issues with my card.

I was not asked for any identification when I applied and I had to submit the application twice since I declined it at first but the info was exactly the same between both apps.

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