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Apple GS MC Two Questions: BT and Geo Location

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Apple GS MC Two Questions: BT and Geo Location

Regarding BT's. If Card X has a 0% offer and I want to payoff an Apple GS MC balance can it even be done? Seems like a lot of unanswered questions and the card is hobbled if you are doing anything but direct purchase via Apple Pay and Bank  ACH to pay the balance?


Also, Is GS using the card and phone to track your location something mandatory? I know they seem to look for the  card to be communicating with the phone when transacting with the physical card but does GS via the card continue geo location before and after the swipe, too? Random questions...thank you.


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Re: Apple GS MC Two Questions: BT and Geo Location

It depends on the card company offering the balance transfer. So banks can do a balance transfer just with the card details. You give them the balance, card number, other identification etc.

Some banana cannot do that. They send you a balance transfer check and you deposit it in your bank and make your payment to The Apple Card.


As far as tracking, no they are not tracking you other than at the payment terminal when you pay. There are several entities that get this information. Apple, GS, Mastercard, and the retailer.

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Re: Apple GS MC Two Questions: BT and Geo Location

I don’t know anything about the BT side.

I have my Apple Card set as default for my Apple purchases (cause that $0.04 extra cash back per year makes all the difference...).

I am in the US, but was vacationing in Canada when my monthly Apple services charge posted. The payment failed (Apple Card is not an approved payment method for Apple services in Canada). Or I’m assuming that’s why as I had exactly zero problems using the card 7 seconds later at Tim Horton’s (and my non-Apple/backup card was charged successfully for the Apple Services).

So although it could have been something else entirely and my tin foil hat is a little too tight, I’m assuming they know where I am.
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