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Apple card account questions...

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Apple card account questions...

So I finally got approved for Apple card and ordered new iphone, but other than an email telling me what I bought and when it will ship and the cost, I received no other communication from Apple or GS Bank such as a welcome or congratulations,etc.  Is this normal?


I know account will be in wallet when I activate phone but I expected some acknowledgement of the new account?

I have had different Pixel phones since 2016 so I hope I can handle change!

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Re: Apple card account questions...

I got an email right after I was approved for my Apple Card with the subject "Welcome to your new Apple Card." 🤷🏻‍♂️


Congrats on the Apple Card and new iPhone! 🥳 Which one did you order and how long are you waiting? My 13 Pro (Graphite) is estimated to ship on the 26th. 

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Re: Apple card account questions...

@GrabbedByTheGhoulies Thanks for the input! I got the red iphone 13 and it is supposed to be delivered between Nov 2 thru 5. I looked at thr pro but I was too cheap to pull the trigger...congrats on yours!

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Re: Apple card account questions...

You should reiceve a email and you have to ask to get a card , it could have been sent to your spam. Congrats, I like my Apple Card.

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Re: Apple card account questions...

Unless it went to my spam I didn't get a Welcome to Apple email either.


I receiced 1. email that PATH had ended 2. email confirming my titanium card order 3. Card was immediately in my Apple Wallet for use.


As long as #3 happened I was fine. haha 

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Re: Apple card account questions...

It took a full day in my case, so I know what you're saying. If it hasn't shown up in a day or two, though, I would contact GS or Apple.

Congrats and enjoy that new iPhone! 

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Re: Apple card account questions...

Agreed, you should have received an email from GS.  

However, about 2 or 3 months ago I think, GS/Apple launched a website to manage your account versus solely relying on the Wallet App.  You'll need your Apple ID that you set up for your account and likely registered for your purchase etc and it's that ID that you'll use to access this site.


Try may find the info you're looking/waiting for...

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Re: Apple card account questions...

Congratulations on your approval!  Like others before me have mentioned, I also got an email welcoming me to Apple Card. My wife did also.  


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Re: Apple card account questions...

Congrats on your approval!!! Sounds silly but have you checked your email spam filter?


Also, if you have attempted to change or update your contact email / Apple ID it may still be sending communications to the old email address. Had this happen to me. 

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