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Application spree results

Super Contributor

Re: Application spree results

keebs107 wrote:

I figured one last application...


Applied for PSECU combo 20K and approved!!!


To the garden with you now

Before you app think...
Have you done your research of the CC?
Does it fit your spending?
Do you have a plan for the bonus w/o going into debt?
Can you afford the AF?
Do you know the cards benefits? Is it worth the HP?
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Re: Application spree results

Nice spree! Congrats

LAST APP: 08/20/2013
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Re: Application spree results

Wow.   Nicely done...


WF Platinum (3K), CapOne Platinum (5K), Discover IT (1K)
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Re: Application spree results

Congrats! enjoy your new TLs.

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Re: Application spree results

is all those credit card applications good for you??
I heard that average people have around 5-6 credits


I have 4 C.C's and depending on my blue cash rewards status pending on approval i will have 5 and i feel i have too much


anyway Congrats on the approvals Smiley Happy

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