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Applied for Amazon visa and....

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Re: Applied for Amazon visa and....

I was the one that had part of my Chase Platinum Mv to a Amazon/Chase Visa. I think you automatically get denied if you apply for two Chase products within a ceratin time period(6months?)- I just called customer service- they asked about a charge-off on my account from Crap1. I told them honestly- I changed careers , got into a financial problem an got behind on my Crap1 card, when they added overlimit fees on top of late fees etc. I decided not to pay it- it was either diapers or Crap1. The CSR was really nice.

So they cut 1G off my Chase Plat. and gave me the Amazon/Chase.

I think my scores were around 620 when I got the Plat- maybe a little lower- but I had recently paid off a Chase Auto loan- I have no idea why I got the Plat offer- its a great crd. 

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