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Applied for NFCU cashrewards & got 3-5 message

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Re: Applied for NFCU cashrewards & got 3-5 message

When I joined NFCU, a little over a year ago, I asked what the credit guidlines were for each card.  according the rep that I spoke with, the NRewards was the easiest as far as score, next was cashback.  I decided to go for the NRewards since I had apped for oh, probably 6 cards within 3 months, all approved before I apped for NFCU. 


Last month, however, I apped for the flashship card, approved for 15k and then combined, or "shifted" my CL from NRewards to the flagship visa.  I left 1k on the NRewards and gave the card to my sister to use for incidentals as she is in college and i was in the "giving" mood that day. 


Apparently, they set certain guidlines as to max extended credit per applicant.  Considering I have a 15k LOC, two auto loans starting at about 75k, now down to 45k, Im assuming I met my limit which is why they gave me 15k for the flagship.


That being said, none of my approvals were instant, except the pre-approval check for my first auto loan.  I did that app over the phone and she told me I was pre-approved for up to 60k and that I would receive a check in the mail within the week.


As others have said, however, its worth the wait - I have never been more pleased with a financial institution.

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Re: Applied for NFCU cashrewards & got 3-5 message

Well I finally spoke to someone in their card department.  They didnt ask me to send pay stubs.  They asked for social security card, driver's license, and utility bill to be faxed.  This kind of stuff makes me nervous..

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