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Applied for chase freedom... again

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Re: Applied for chase freedom... again

SpeedingWheels wrote:

Just curious, 

How long did you wait before you did the recon call? 

I got the 7-10 notice last night and I'm itching to call... or should I wait for the letter? 

Call today.  The backdoor number is listed in the stickies near the top of the Credit Card section.  When you call them, tell them you applied for a credit card over the weekend and got the 7-10 processing message.  Then ask them if there is any information they need from you to finish processing the application.  They will look over your credit report and may ask you a couple of questions or they may want you to verify your address or income.  They may ask you why you want this particular card so prepare for those questions and just call.  They are good on recons.  Let us know how it goes.

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