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Apply for New Amex


Re: Apply for New Amex

Yeah - I just talked to a Blue rep, and she told me that preapprovals aren't really correlated with approvals. It is merely an invitation. I think I'm going to wait it out since I have a few inquiries and two new open accounts this month. I'm just  a little bummed since BoA's card reports as flex spending, and I wanted to raise my total revolving credit limit. 



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Re: Apply for New Amex

Going to have to go ahead and disagree with the CSR. An invitation usually doesn't correlate to approvals, however a pre-approval usually is generated when a CC provider "softs" your credit report for eligibility. If they see what they like (usually just a score) you receive the pre-approval. Invitation and Pre-approval are not the same thing. AMEX has sent me both.
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Re: Apply for New Amex

I would ask BofA to change the card to one that reports CL

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