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Apply in person?


Apply in person?

I am on the right path to credit rebuilding, but I'm not quite there. I've gotten my only collection removed, and most of my late payments now reporting as never paid late. The worst part of my credit score right now (with TU specifically, still waiting for the other 2 to process my disputes) is my available credit on revolving accounts. Well, its actually only one account; a single credit card with Capital One. Ive got a $2,000 balance on a $2,250 limit card.


I'm starting to pay it down, but nothing significant as of yet. What i'd like to do is get a new credit card and xfer the balance, then CLOSE that Capital One card. The balance xfer would of course reduce or eliminate the interest (intro offer). I have been a a long-time customer of Bank of America, but have never borrowed from them. 


I went on their credit card site for the pre-selection based on the soft-pull of my credit score (presumably), and it came back and said that I have no offers. Would it be better to apply in person so that they can actually have a look at my credit history? I imagine my score will drastically improve once I release the pressure on my credit limits.

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Re: Apply in person?

Bank of america does not like high util right now and I probably wouldn't waste the inq if they are not offering you something in prequal site.

also I would not close the capital one card once you do open something else, your util is really hurting you. 

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