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Applying for new credit after buying a house??

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Re: Applying for new credit after buying a house??

So what are some suggestions on cards I should apply for that will have higher limits than your usual $1500 CL? Sorry to sound so naive, I haven't had credit cards in years and even then I never really had any high limits.


I've been cleaning up my credit the past few years so credit cards were the last thing on my mind (except my secured cards, of course). I also opted-out so that when I applied for my mortgage loan a few months ago, no old/unknown collections would pop up out of nowhere, so I don't receive any credit card offers anymore. I don't want to opt back in either, just want to find a good card with a low interest rate that will give me a decent CL, say in the 5K range.


Any suggestions? Thanks again!


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Re: Applying for new credit after buying a house??

I love the 5% off w our Lowes card. We bought a foreclosure in Feb and it's saved us a ton. We also bought a dryer w them in the spring and it bit the dust the night before Thanksgiving, and when the repair # said we had to wait until Dec 3rd to have someone come out, the manager at the nearest store let us return it for a full refund so we could buy another instead.


Oddly enough, we had to buy one at HD that night as they were the only ones who actually had a dryer in stock.


That being said, we apped for it in Sep. It came in the mail and a week later we opened the Sunday newspaper to see Lowes had closed all the local stores. 




Now we have to drive three towns away to use our card. And to return our dryer.





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Re: Applying for new credit after buying a house??

If you just purchased a home, you may need furnitures. Try to find a card that offer 0% approved purchase for 12 months. There's a few CCs floating out there that has those rates. That way, you are not stuck with a store card and having to buy everything from 1 store imho.

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