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Re: Applying

Deltadog03 wrote:

I am 3 months removed from my BK, and I have 3 open revolvs.  2 cap 1 cards that have been reporting for 3 months now, and soon to be on there will be Merrick Bank.  I really only wanted 4 CC'ds as I really don't use them but for gas a month and then PIF.  My CC Util is 6%.  I really want Wally world and Barclays to round out the CC.  Obviously that will give me a total of 5, but thats all I want and therefore will be done appin'g.  I tried for Wally World 1 month post discharge and they told me no because of BK, and I super figured that.  At that time I had 0 open revolvs and TU FICO was 558.  I now have the 2 (soon to be 3 on my CR) that will have been reporting for 3 months and a new one in MB, and my TU FICO is now 602 with a few less baddies on there from when I applied in mid-late March.  When do you all think I should apply for the WM and Barclays to round out my Credit Revolv?  Thank Yall!

Wait until your newest accounts hit 6 months, then apply for Walmart. For Barclay's, I'd wait until I had a year of history.

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Re: Applying

Thanks again everyone!  I appreciate it!  To the Garden I go.......

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