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Approval For My App Spree!!!

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Re: Approval For My App Spree!!!

Thanks! I'm entering gardening mode now.

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Re: Approval For My App Spree!!!

Nice cards and limits.  You're young, so cheers to a long and healthy credit future!

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Re: Approval For My App Spree!!!


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Re: Approval For My App Spree!!!

Well done, and congrats. Enjoy your success! Smiley Happy

FICO 04 scores: 809 (EQ) 812 (EX) 818 (TU)

Amex Platinum NPSL - Citi HHonors Sig. $58k - BMW Ultimate $40k
Chase Sapphire Preferred $62k - Merrill Lynch + Signature $41k - USAA Rate Advantage $28k
NFCU Flagship Signature $50k - USAA Cash Rewards AMEX $28k
Citi Platinum Select / AAdvantage Signature $31k - Chase Amtrak Rewards World MC $41k

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Re: Approval For My App Spree!!!

Now thats what a real app spree should yield!


EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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Re: Approval For My App Spree!!!

Awesome line-up of cards. Congrats!!

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Re: Approval For My App Spree!!!

Thanks everyone! I just find it so awesome that a group of people with a common "love" for credit can help each other out so much! You guys rock Smiley Happy

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Re: Approval For My App Spree!!!

nenuco wrote:

So I am super excited! I got approved for all the cards I wanted. I have such a short credit history, that I thought it would not be possible. I really love Chase, not only because of my approval but because of their CS. Chase and Discover are now my favorite. I didn't get super high limits, but I just turned 21 and have 2 years of history & a 734 FAKO, so I'm content. Listed below are the cards I applied for:


Chase Sapphire Preffered MC > $5,000 [40,000 Points]

Chase Hyatt Visa Signature > $5,900 [Two free nights]

Amex Hilton > $3,000 [50,000 Hiton Points]

Citi Hilton (2) > $3,500 [50,000 Hiton Points]

Barclay > $2,500 [$200] (Missed the deadline for the $400, I'm a little ticked Smiley Tongue)


I'm just amazed that Chase extended me so much credit (I also have their Freedom card) I'm definately going to make their cards my Daily Drivers. Thanks to all the previous advice and thoughts! Into the Garden I go!

What were your previous cards, and how long have you had them? What limits are they at, and how did the increases progress?


I also just turned 21, but I just have 1 year 5 months of history. My FAKO is at 750, but I have 9 inquires in the last 2 year and a 9 month AAoA. My income isn't too great either, but I am hoping to get some cards to garden after a few inquiries age off. What are your thoughts?


Congrats on the app success!

Too many INQs & low AAoA so I'm off to tend the Garden.     Age:23    

     $17k       $8.5K          Closed          $19k      $6.5k        $24.2k        Closed         $5k       Closed     $8.5k        Closed      @2.49%
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Re: Approval For My App Spree!!!

Congrats!!!! Nice to see other young, financially savvy people :-)

Marriott PR$25k | BCE $24.5K |BankAmericard Visa $25k| BOA Better Bal $17.5k |Wmt Discover $12.5k | BR Visa $17.5k | Amex Delta Gold $10k | Discover IT $10k | Paypal Extras MC $15k | Amazon Store $10k|Smile Gen $7.25k | Dillard's $10k | West Elm $4k| Express $3.05K | Visa $4.5k | Freedom Visa $1k| Amex Surpass $1k
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Re: Approval For My App Spree!!!

Hey, Thanks! My Previous Cards and their respective app dates [month/year] are: Bank of America Amex (8/10), Capital 1 (8/10), Discover More (8/11), Amex BCE (8/11), Chase Freedom(2/12) & a Citi Dividend card(2/12). Most of them are less than a year old. I have only received a CLI on the BoA ($2,500>$5K) and the Cit ($4K>$5.2K). I have 13 inquiries (for the 12 cards I have).  I was really shocked that Chase extended me with so much credit, I will treat them well. The funny thing is, last month my score was higher until my Citi posted an Apple purchase which gave me 70% utility on that card. My score went back up this month but not to the exact status. I am ecstatic with all my approvals. I know you are looking for sign up bonuses as well. When I looked for the new cards, I wanted to make sure they would primarily serve as life long cards. It doesn't hurt that they have amazing bonuses. I am going to Paris/Rome for spring break next year, and the sign up bonuses alone are paying for my hotel stay for 10 days at luxury hotels so I am very happy to say the least! 

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