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Approval criteria for prime cards

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Approval criteria for prime cards

When going for CC approval, is the FICO number or CR itself more important?  My FICOs are good (I think I'll hit 700 very soon, if I havent already), but I have two 180-day lates from 2002.  Not sure if Ill be approved.  I currently hold two cards from orchard bank, 1k limit on each, havent had  a single baddie on my CR since the 180day lates (sallie mae student loan).
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Re: Approval criteria for prime cards

It's hard to say really without more info concerning your credit. It also depends upon which "prime" cards you intend to apply for. Each card had its own criteria, some being more stringent than others. What did you have in mind? What types/how many installments do you have open... and do you have an open mortgage and if so, for how long? What is your utilization on your two Orchards?

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