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Approved BARCLAYS Backdoor Travelocity AMEX

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Approved BARCLAYS Backdoor Travelocity AMEX

I am excited to share the information with other members here.


Thanks to this board a lot, I applied the barclays travelocity card, initial messages was more time needed and got a email after 5 mins that my application was denied.


Fico score was TU 691. 20 enquiries AAoA 1 yr 9 months. 2 Judgements. Utilisation was 1%


8 accounts opened in the past year most recent being USAA this month.


called the backdoor number and he asked me a few questions about my work history, and then took a look at my credit report, asked me why so many new accounts in the past year and had a amex zync which was backdated to 2001, and he told me i had 1 card which was 10 yrs old Smiley Happy.


i told him i was out of country for a while and came back last year, tried to open some cards to build credit history, and most of the enquiries were for CLI from my credit unions and CLI for my other cards apart from opening new accounts.


He said he would start me off with a $1000 limit card and to call back in 4-6 months for a CLI. Thats the best he could do.


I said well i will take it and try for a CLI, since i already took a enquiry hit.


Barclays backdoor as other members have said is awesome and easy to work with. Thanks MYFICO.

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