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Approved NFCU 5k (secured)

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Approved NFCU 5k (secured)

So I went ahead and pulled the trigger with NFCU's nRewards secured card and used 5,000 from my savings to secure it. My score is mid 500s at the moment because I am waiting on my other three credit cards to report 0 balances (most of them were maxed out, one was a $500CL w/ $1800 balance lol). Anyways, so I hear they treat you pretty well and with responsible usage it should graduate within 12 months?


What if my scores shoot through to the 600s pretty soon (once cards report 0.00)...has anyone has sucess before the 12 month period?





First Premier $700 / MileStone $300 / CareCredit $1500 / CapitalOne $3,000 / PenFed OLOC $500 / PayPal MC 2% CB $300 / Discover IT (secured) $200 / Merrick $800 ($1600 at 7mo) / Amazon Store Card $600 / Walmart $1,000 / Saks 5th $500
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