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Approved for 15,000 USAA Non-Member card

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Re: Approved for 15,000 USAA Non-Member card

I will give them a call and ask if I open a checking/savings account would they lower the apr. It was just so nice not having to deal with all the bs of getting the 7-10 days and all the phone calls, verifications etc. I am still waiting for Nationawide, I apped them on 12/17, they pulled EQ and TU, requested income verification then a couple weeks later address verification then someone called and verified things off my CR and still have no answer!!! USAA is triple A in my book, the app process at least,lol.
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Re: Approved for 15,000 USAA Non-Member card

Like someone else said, they put extreme emphasis on the amount of products you have with them.  When I was shopping for the lowest rate auto loan a year or so ago, the rep offered me a 1%apr reduction to switch my auto insurance to them as well.  I have yet to switch, however, because for some reason USAA cant beat my rate at State Farm.


So, in conclusion, the more accounts you have with them, the more they will do for you... they also love older members...  who new?  perhaps BofA should adopt their practices, perhaps I would like them more...

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