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Approved for AMEX Blue

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Approved for AMEX Blue



I wanted to let everyone here know that I was approved for an AMEX Blue card with an 12K limit.  I applied for it over the phone and they pulled my EX report.  Woo hoo!   


I had an AMEX Optima card in the early 90's which was charged off.  I was young and irresponsible at the time.  I recently paid off the balance and I hope the new account will get backdated.

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Re: Approved for AMEX Blue

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Re: Approved for AMEX Blue

Good piece of work! Congratulations.
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Re: Approved for AMEX Blue

A belated congrats!  How long after you paid off your old balance did you apply and were accepted?  Did you pay off your old balance by calling a CSR through AE's main number or a special collections number -- details, please!


And how are you liking your Amex Blue?!

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