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Approved for Amex Zync w/ $500 Limit

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Approved for Amex Zync w/ $500 Limit

So on my journey to rebuilding my credit I realized I seriously need another card as I'm currently an AU on a Cap1 card and only have a Jareds jewelery store card. I have a paid charge off in 2006 from Amex but I decided to take a chance and apply for the Zync card. I'm happy to report I was approved and had the option of the $200 or $500 limit with automatic withdrawl, which I took.


Anyone know if they will still backdate to 2006 even though it was a CO, or I still have an AMEX account from 1996 being reported only on EQ that I was an AU on, so whould they backdate to that instead?

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Re: Approved for Amex Zync w/ $500 Limit


Congrats on the approval !   What was your previous member since date when you had the account in 2006 ?   They will probably backdate you to 2006 at least, regardless of your previous account being charged~off. 

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Re: Approved for Amex Zync w/ $500 Limit

You probably will not get backdated to 1996 as it is against policy.  2006 might happen automatically.  However if it doesn't backdate to 2006, you have a choice.  You can call and try to get them to backdate.  However that will link your old CO account to new account and probably means when they approved app, they didn't see old account.  If you link accounts, there have been cases of all accounts being closed.   Up to you however.

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