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Approved for Chase Disney Premier Visa Card with BK7

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Approved for Chase Disney Premier Visa Card with BK7

Yesterday When Me And My DW was at Disney World I've did an App at the park as they were offering $100.00 in a gift card if you were approved for the card..So when I applyed I got the 30 day message..when I got home I called the back door number listed in the forums...I spoke to a very friendly credit mind you I had a chase acct..that was in my BK7 ..9 years much of my suprise she asked me how I was able to build back my credit(It was these forums that helped me)she brought up the acct that I had with chase that was in my BK7...and I asked if I should wait longer to apply..she put me on hold for a few minutes and asked me some other info...and than put me back on hold and told me that I was approved for 5K....Now about 7 months ago I got a Chase Bold Ink for my business which is a pay in full card and I run about 2K a month thur it(I think that helped) and I have a chase checking acct. which I opened up 3 months ago and I keep a small balance as Its not my main checking acct..and at the time I opened the checking acct..I did apply for a chase freedom and was turned down and even with a was still a I think if u build a relsonship with helps...and their Credit Managers are very friendly and seem to go the extra to approve you
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Re: Approved for Chase Disney Premier Visa Card with BK7

Of course they go the extra mile to approve you. The only product a bank or credit card company has to sell is money. It just so happens their product has unlimited demand and they do a pretty good job of giving the illusion that it has a limited supply Smiley Wink

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