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Approved for Chase Health Advance!!


Approved for Chase Health Advance!!

I don't know if this is the right forum!  I just had to tell someone though!   CareCredit has always denied me.   Actually GEMB just doesn't like me in general, they have never approved me for any of their products, but I assume its probably that they just really don't like collections.  On EQ I have 3 small collections, and 2 on TU, both a couple of years old, the total for all 3 is $183.  On EX I don't have any collections, only positive accounts, though my oldest account is my last auto loan and it is only a little over 2 yrs 2 months old.  Thanks to this forum, today I found out about Chase Health Advance, and that they pull EX so I went for it because both my wife and I need dental work.  We have insurance but we wont be fully covered on it until August (late entrant), and I need a root canal.


I got an instant approval for $9,000! Smiley Very Happy


I know there are some discrepancies about how this reports to the credit bureaus, but for now I don't mind.  We really needed this account, so I am very happy! Smiley Happy  Our insurance is really wacko and covered some of my wifes work late last year but wouldnt cover anything for me, which is just weird because the insurance is through my job.  I'm going to have the dental office run everything through my insurance first and then the remainder can go on the Chase account.


Anyway I just wanted to thank everyone here for all the helpful information!  Done applying now for at least year.

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Re: Approved for Chase Health Advance!!

Sounds like you should try a different doctor or examine the way they are presenting this to your insurance. Good luck and congrats

01/11/2011: FICO:TU: 746
12/14/2010: FICO:EQ: 744
08/12/2011: FICO:EXP: 766
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Re: Approved for Chase Health Advance!!

What is your score?

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Re: Approved for Chase Health Advance!!



I am unsure what my EX FICO is, but according to CCT my EX Plus score is currently 712.  I just did my daily pull and they did only check Experian.  Here is my background on EX:


All accounts are current and have always been so, listed from oldest to newest:


Auto Loan, opened 2/2009, for $9,000 - $2,000 remaining according to report

First Premier CC - opened 12/2009, CL $350, $130 balance reporting

Capital One CC - opened 6/2010, CL $500, $0 balance reporting

Orchard Bank CC - opened 7/2010, CL 300, $100 balance reporting

CarMax AutoFinance - opened 4/2011, for $29,000, payments have not begun yet.


and I had 11 inquiries when they pulled (partially due to auto loan apps).


I was kind of surprised at the approval, with the new car loan reporting and the amount of inquiries!  Anyway, hope this info helps someone in their decision to apply/not apply.




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Re: Approved for Chase Health Advance!!

That's wonderful! I was denied for CareCredit when I was interested in having Gastric Bypass. Turns out my HMO covers it 99.9%! I just had to pay a $15 copay. I'm so glad I was denied lol. 

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EX PLUS - 721 (8/9/11)
EQ FICO - 648 (2010)

(21 years old)
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