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Approved for Sony Card (Cap1) - Received Credit Score Disclosure

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Re: Approved for Sony Card (Cap1)


@john398 wrote:

I had pretty high util when I got  accepted so I don't really think you have to be have a really high score




The thing is my EX score is waaay lower than my other two.  I don't think I'm due to review my EX for a while.  Suppose I must wait until then to find out what the deal is.

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Re: Approved for Sony Card (Cap1)

Hi there, How much was your FICO experian score? My exp score is 641 and transunion updated it to 672 after I won a dispute with them.

Do you think I'll get approved?



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Re: Approved for Sony Card (Cap1)

Wow, congrats!  That's great!  I'm surprised they even matched your Amex and Discover and I think, for them, it's a fantastic limit.  Nice going. 

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