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Approved for US Bank Platinum Visa!

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Approved for US Bank Platinum Visa!

I have finally crossed the burning desert of high interest rates and low limits, and arrived in the oasis of "Prime Land"!


This week I apped for the Amex Zync and (plain) Blue and was instantly approved for both!


I decided that if Amex was willing to give me a card, I might as well go for one more before the AAOA and scores drop from having 2 new credit lines opened.


I've had a US Bank secured card for 3.5 years but they denied me after my first 12 months because I was late for one month's payment (it was a slipup with online banking).  


The following year, a public record (judgement) appeared on my report which tanked my score so I didnt even bother.  I was hoping at one point that they would just graduate the card (like Orchard Bank did) but I learned from these forums that they dont do that, so today I decided to pull the trigger since I would already have inquiries anyway.

I was instantly approved!!  

I got the US Bank Platinum card becuase I figured that it would be the easiest to get. Right now my plan is to get prime cards so that I can cancel my sub-prime.


I dont know my FICO but from creditkeeper my FAKOS are:

EX: 670

EQ: 695

TU: 676

I only have one baddie: An unsettled judgement.



So now comes the hard (FUN) part of figuring out who to cut! I'll probalby list my cards in another thread later for advice on what should get the axe! I need to see what my limits will be first with my Amex Blue and US Bank "Platinum".


Thanks Myfico forum members for all of your help these past few years!


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