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Are people selling credit now? :(

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Are people selling credit now? :(

Pleople are selling credit cards for some fees or even balances? is that true? i was googleling around and ended up on this web site , i mean, maybe i got it wrong , but it is unbelivable if i didnt.



Marinevet took off the web link to the page, sorry guys, desconsider this topic, since it makes no sense without the link,. thanks for looking.

Please leave the reason why the link was removed:


Link removed because it violates the forum's Credit Repair Discussion Guidelines which say:


Additionally, we cannot allow postings that include the promotion of any credit repair organization or the posting of links to web sites that promote any credit repair actions that are not allowed in these Forums.


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Re: Are people selling credit now? :(

interesting never heard of this sounds like it should be illegal

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Re: Are people selling credit now? :(

Not only are they selling credit, you can buy fake car insurance too.  I have to drive for myself and everyone else in S. Florida.  Too many loose cars on the road. 

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